Medico-Legal Work




  • Adolescent and Adult Psychiatric Assessments and Reports for the courts.
  • Instructed by solicitors – usually (though not exclusively) working on behalf of the Local Authority through a child’s court appointed guardian.
  • Attendance at court as an Expert Witness.
  • Instructions often involve complex Family Law cases, in which parents are in contest and children are involved.
  • Depending on the particulars of the court’s instructions Psychiatric Assessment entails detailed review of the court bundle notes, interviews with the children, their carers and other involved professionals – often the Guardian, Social Workers, other Medical Professionals and Legal Staff.
  • Experience is cases of child abuse and child maltreatment, parental mental illness and Parental Alienation Syndrome.


  • Fees for court work instructed on behalf of Social Services, Children’s Guardians, CAFCASS or the Local Authority comply with the Legal Services Commissioning Guidelines. Fees for commissions from other authorities may vary. Please contact me for details.
  • Most reports for a single child are completed and delivered within four weeks of me being formally instructed.

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