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June 2016

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The UK MDMA Therapy Training Group, Tyringham Hall, Buckinghamshire in December 2014

MDMA Group Tryingham Hall Dec 2014

3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine is a remarkable substance. Forget what you know about the popular use of this compound in the context of the recreational drug ecstasy (whatever that is these days). MDMA is a medical drug that started it’s life in the clinical setting. It has a unique receptor profile that makes this drug, when combined in a supervised clinical setting with experienced psychotherapists, the perfect tool to enhance trauma-focused psychotherapy.

Early life psychological trauma – especially when induced by child maltreatment and abuse – is very difficult to manage. It underlies most if not all adult anxiety-based disorders such as PTSD and addictions. Sadly, traditional psychiatric treatments with antidepressants and counselling are ineffective for 50% of sufferers because the severity of their distressing trauma is too great for them to discuss and explore their memories with a therapist.

But MDMA provides exactly the right blend of subjective psychological effects to safely and gently hold the PTSD sufferer; providing a secure platform of containment in which they can reflect upon and eventually resolve their long-standing emotional issues.

At present MDMA is unlicensed and cannot be legally prescribed as a treatment for PTSD – either here in the UK or anywhere else around the world. But this is a situation we are trying to change. For the last ten years I have been working with colleagues in the UK and abroad to develop MDMA science within British medicine and neuroscience. 

I am currently leading a team putting together a study based in Bristol exploring the potential role for MDMA-Assisted psychotherapy in treating Alcoholism.

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The European MDMA Researchers Group. Leiden, Netherlands, December 2017. On the verge of an interesting future in MDMA Clinical Science.